10 Cheap(ish) Laundry Aids to Help Your Clothes Look Better (Local News and Reviews)

Of course, some items shouldn’t be hung on a traditional rack. “Heavier, knitted garments and natural fibers like wool and cashmere are more sensitive when wet, and hang drying can cause fabric strain and fit distortion,” cautioned laundry specialist, Madeline Miller. Instead, press out excess water by gently rolling sweaters, coats, and other heavy knits in a towel, then lay them flat to dry. In a pinch, you can spread your items on a fresh towel, but for much faster drying, we recommend the OXO Folding Sweater Dryer. In our tests, its mesh surface allowed air to flow around all sides of our clothes, and it didn’t sag under the weight of even our heaviest wool coats. If you have a lot of sweaters, multiple racks also stack easily and securely. And the mesh is taut on the frame, so heavy sweaters don’t sag and droop onto wet garments below. Other stacking racks we tried, such as the Storage Maniac Sweater Drying Rack, required finicky disassembly for storage, but the OXO rack’s feet collapse smoothly and the whole thing folds in half, making it a cinch to stash away.

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