Expert Advice: When and How Often to Tune-Up Your Lawnmower in Denver Metro


Hi, I’m John from Denver Mower Pro’s in Denver, Colorado. If you’ve had problems starting your gas lawnmower, you’ll recognise simply how frustrating that can be. I’m going to run via some of the basic checks that we need to undergo to make certain that your mower begins first time on every occasion. Now, I’ve got a Briggs and Stratton, however those exams will be relevant for any sort of Briggs, indeed any form of gas lawnmower.

Let’s start with gas. It’s a wellknown four-stroke engine that takes ordinary unleaded gas. Now, the element about petrol is that it degrades over the years and goes off. So, if you’ve left petrol in your mower over the wintry weather, the exceptional thing to do is to drain that off first and positioned a few fresh petrol in there.

Two things I want to empty: the main gas reservoir just by uncoupling the gasoline line there and drain that off into a bowl. Then, you may see on the carburetor here there’s a little launch valve that’ll simply drain the gasoline off the carburetor as properly. And then make certain we’ve were given sparkling gas in. Let’s test the oil.

The dipstick on this Briggs is on the again right here. Just deliver that a wipe and pop it again in. I assume it seems okay. Yeah, that’s just over 1/2 full, so that’s fine.

If you do want to top-up, then top up at the front there. Make positive you’re using right lawnmower engine oil. Obviously, if yours is a two-stroke, then use two-stroke oil, and that receives mixed without delay into your fuel. Next is the spark plug.

It’s a preferred 14-mil lawnmower spark plug, and I’m the usage of a 21-mil socket, that is specifically for spark plugs. I’ll take that out. Spark plugs do have a limited existence. It’s normally around about 150 hours for this form of spark plug.

And as you can see, there’s a truthful little bit of soot and carbon at the electrodes there. It’s now not clearly in horrific nick, I assume I’ll just easy that up with a cord brush and get a piece of first-class sandpaper between the two electrodes just to ensure it’s all nice and easy. I’m really simply going to position a trendy one in right here. Make sure you’re getting the proper spark plug on your specific mower.

They’re available for all makes and fashions at the Denver Mower Pro’s website. And then simply tighten that up. Not too tight, to make sure we don’t overdo it. There we go, we’re going to get a very good spark each time now.

So, some things I just need to check before I hearth it up are the cables, the belts, and the gears. If I take off the belt housing cover here, that’s just held into area by these four hex head screws. You can use a Torx bit in there. And if I have interaction the rear roller, just make sure that that’s torsion inside the belt when it’s within the on position.

That’s first-rate. Likewise, if I have interaction the cutting disc, yeah, that’s putting some torsion in that belt. Fine. Just have a take a look at the belts, make sure they’re no longer fraying, there’s no signal of harm, or in which they’re fine.

And these gears, I don’t realize if you may see in there, there are sincerely 3 nylon gears. They can break pretty easily, and you may see a colleague of mine sincerely changing the ones in another video. But that every one appears quality. Now, if I simply check the throttle.

So, in a totally off function, you should be capable of see that simply cuts the power to the spark plug. That’s first-rate. And then, as I open the throttle, you need to be able to see it’s simply opening the carburetor there. If that desires any adjustment, this little screw here simply adjustments the placement at which it opens the carb.

Ok, let’s get it began. Push the throttle all the manner lower back, all of the way open. I’m no longer going to offer it any choke because it’s pretty warm. We’re inside obviously.

This on a cold day, then you definitely need to present it a piece of choke. It’s in all likelihood really worth displaying you surely how the choke works. I take the air filter off here. You can see that the air clear out and the choke restricts or chokes the glide of air going into the carb.

Just gives us a far extra gas-rich aggregate getting in, that is what we need on a cold day because the air doesn’t mix with the gasoline quite so well in Denver, Colorado. Ok.