How To Fix a Lawn Mower That Quits, Dies or Stalls After 2 Minutes Denver Metro

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In Denver, Colorado do you guys have a lawnmower that starts and runs flawlessly for like one or two minutes, after which it dies? If you let it sit for a bit and start it again, it runs flawlessly for another 1-2 minutes and then dies again, that may be a symptom of your gas tank not venting properly.

I am going to show you how easy it is to check this for yourselves to see if that really is your problem. Faster, you guys. In fact, I will put this in my fast repair playlist. I have a little quick link up here for you in the information button, as well as at the end of this video, there are clickable thumbnails that you can use to get back to that kind of stuff too. So stay tuned for that.

So, once again, guys, this is like a half a beer process. Hello, guys, welcome back to Denver Mower Pro’s.

Thank you for coming back as usual, Denver Mower Pro’s dot com, that’s my website. I have another little quick link up here for you in the information button, as well as at the end of this video.

Check my website out when you get a chance. A lot of fun stuff to do on there. I have got a Craftsman lawnmower right here with a Honda engine on it, and I have got a Husqvarna lawnmower right here with a Briggs and Stratton engine on it.

If you run it for one or two minutes and it dies, it could be running out of gas. Now, you are saying it can’t be running out of gas because my gas tank is rightful to the top, it can’t possibly be running out of gas, but yes, it could be.

I am going to show you why right now as best as I can with a couple of little props here.

First of all, here is your carburetor. So, the carburetor has a bowl on the bottom of it that holds some gas in there. There is enough fuel in there to make your lawnmower run for one or two minutes before it runs out of gas in that bowl and dies.

Now, here is your gas tank. This self-gasoline tank works on a garden work. You have a fuel level in there. As you are using your lawnmower, the gasoline level starts dropping.

If there is no air getting into the tank to displace the fuel that’s being used, it creates a vacuum in that tank. It will just stop pouring gas out of that hose. It will just stop.

So, 99.9% if not 100% of lawnmowers have the vent that allows the air to get in to displace that gas. The vent is in the gasoline cap itself. I am going to illustrate to you right now what I am talking about on this Honda one right here.

I don’t actually have a gas cap that’s faulty right now. With the cap in there, I am going to simulate this by just using my hand so that you guys can see what I am talking about.

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First, you need a nice clean box. We all know the price of gas today. We are going to be pouring gas out of the bottom of the tank. We need a nice clean box so that we can just pour that gas right back into your tank. No more dinars. A little pair of pliers. What we need to do is take this fuel line off from the bottom of your tank, wherever it’s convenient for you.

Right here in this lawnmower, I am using, it’s nice and convenient just to take it right off of this fuel shutoff valve, so we’re going to do that, and the tank is open right now. I don’t even have a gas cap on there. That’s simulating a cap with the vent that’s working well. Now, watch this. You just get a nice consistent flow of gas coming out of the bottom there.

Now I am going to simulate putting on a tank cap that has a plugged vent. Watch this. The gas stops running under there almost immediately. If that happens to you right there, or maybe if it just slows down pretty a bit, where it’s just trickling out and then you just crack the gas cap back open, not even necessarily take it off, just as soon as you crack it back open again.

If all of a sudden an increase in flow now starts running out again, you just diagnose that right there, that you have a bad vent in your cap. Your fuel tank isn’t venting well. Your lawnmower is actually running out of gas.


How do we fix that? Then we replace the cap? Simple. I have a link in the description of this video to take you back to this exact cap right here, this Honda cap. They are not expensive. They are like thirteen dollars or something like that.

It’s a cheap, easy way to fix your lawnmower. If you guys click on that link and go back and that’s not the one you need, maybe you need this cover when this Briggs Denver Metro.