JAKs Brewery Expanding Its Colorado Springs Craft Impact (Local News and Reviews)

The veteran-owned JAKs Brewing will continue to spread its unapologetically aggressive craft beer and community-minded spirit with a fourth location (per a Colorado Springs liquor license application). Set to open in late spring at 3582 Blue Horizon Vw in Colorado Springs, JAKs Taproom Old Ranch will continue its ode to camaraderie and Air Force wings. Two of its founders, in fact, were part of that legacy, serving as members of the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron and the 310th Bombardment Group.

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“That’s Heritage of our company — the big red star,” owner Tommy Colvin said in a conversation with What Now Denver. “That represents the Air Force Aggressor squadrons that would study enemy tactics, and engage with the Soviet Union in air-to air-combat.”

Where the 26th SAS proudly flies this symbol of the former USSR, the 310th “hearkens back to WWII and Jimmy Doolittle.” According to JAKs, Doolittle “led sixteen B-25B Mitchell bombers in a daring daylight raid against the Japanese capital city of Tokyo” during WWII. The so-named Doolittle Raiders then proceeded to support Allied troops for three years, taking on Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps in North Africa before fighting combat missions over the islands of Sicily, Salerno, Corsica and then, Italy. “By war’s end, the 310th had flown more combat missions than any other medium bomb group in the European Theater.”

In addition to taprooms in Dublin and north of Falcon, JAKs Brewing Old Ranch will be the brewer’s third tap room, so-named because of its location off of Old Ranch Rd. Founded in 2015, the brewery has expanded quickly, from a tiny (since-closed) unit at the north end of the Springs, producing a keg at a time, to 10-barrel units outside of Peterson Space Force Base. From Blonde Bombshell to Coffee Stout, its craft suds (and accompanying wine and gluten-free and N/A cans) have earned a place in the heart of local military and nonmilitary patrons alike.

“There’s guys in uniform there on Friday. There’s a lot of retired military folks and people who support the military as contractors mixing with local clientele — doctors and lawyers and business folks,” Colvin said. “In that spirit, we offer discounts to first responders, military veterans, and teachers because that’s the type of guys we are.”

JAKs Taproom Old Ranch will offer 24 taps when it opens in late May/early June.

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