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Hello guys, welcome back to my small engine repair channel. Today, I want to show you a very quick way to diagnose your small engine if it won’t run properly. All you need is some carb cleaner or some quick start.

So, what I have here is a lawn mower that won’t start. It has been sitting all winter and now it won’t start. In order to diagnose it right away, I will be using some carb cleaner. I will take the air filter off and spray the carb cleaner right inside the carburetor, making sure to get it inside the hole beyond the choke flap.

This same technique can apply to any small engine. If you’re working with 2-cycle equipment, make sure you’re using fuel that is mixed with oil. For any other 4-stroke engine, whether it’s a rototiller, lawn mower, or pressure washer, you can do exactly what I did today.

By spraying the quick start right in the carburetor, you will immediately know if it’s a fuel problem, a spark problem, or a compression problem. If the engine starts and then dies right away, it’s likely a fuel issue and there may be a dirty carburetor or something else going on that you need to look into.

If spraying the carb cleaner doesn’t produce any response, not even a sputter, it’s more likely to be a spark problem. In this case, you might need to replace the spark plug and check the spark. If a new spark plug doesn’t produce spark, you might need to replace the coil or ignition module.

If spraying the cleaner produces no response and you have spark and a clean carburetor, it’s likely a compression issue. In this case, you may need to adjust the valves or open up the engine to see what’s going on inside.

Now, I will demonstrate how quickly I can diagnose this machine by spraying some carb cleaner. If I spray it and the mower starts, I know it’s a fuel problem. In this case, I will need to clean or replace the carburetor.

This method is a quick way to diagnose small engine problems. Whether you’re fixing your own machine at home or working in a repair shop, it will save you a lot of time and get you straight to the point of the diagnosis or repair you need to do.

Remember to always have spare spark plugs on hand and make sure you have good fuel, as fuel can go bad in just a few months.

To summarize, your small engine needs fuel, spark, and compression. By using this quick diagnostic method, you can determine if it’s a fuel problem, spark problem, or compression problem. Thank you for watching, make sure to subscribe to my channel and let me know what you’d like to see in future videos. Follow me on social media for updates. Have a great day.