The 2 Best Media Streaming Devices of 2023 (Local News and Reviews)

In 2022, Roku released a new Roku Ultra—sort of. Our testing revealed that the device itself is just a refresh of the 2020 version, delivering essentially the same hardware and processing as the older model. However, the new Roku Ultra (which is a box, not an HDMI stick) comes bundled with Roku’s Voice Remote Pro for $100. The Voice Remote Pro complements the Roku Ultra handsomely: It has a built-in rechargeable battery (though it uses Micro-USB and not USB-C), a microphone that can be always-on or push-to-talk, two buttons you can program to be custom shortcuts, a remote finder, and a private listening mode with a headphone jack. Beyond that, the new Ultra doesn’t significantly upgrade or change the user experience, and we still think this box is overkill for most people—unless you really need features like an Ethernet (LAN) port and expandable storage. Without improvements to the Ultra’s processing components, the more affordable Streaming Stick 4K and 4K+ are still more practical, and holistically we prefer the latest Chromecast experience to what Roku offers.

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