The Molecule Effect 2.0 to Land in Late Summer/Early Fall (Local News and Reviews)

Good news from the Denver Arts District: The Molecule Effect will be moving very close to it just-shuttered first digs (per Westword). This keeps a key contributor to the creative neighborhood vibes nearby. After permanently closing doors at their original location last week, husband-and-wife owners Mark Landman and Megyn Rodgers plan to reopen the coffee shop, wine bar, cocktail lounge, and entertainment venue at 1225 Santa Fe Dr. in late summer or early fall.

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“The art district is a fantastic community,” Landman said. “We’ve really gotten to know our community, and we wanted to make sure to stay as close to the corner as possible.”

“Literally 50 steps away” from its home for nine-and-a-half years, The Molecule Effect’s next spot will serve as an expanded version of its original concept: a select sipping menu alongside fresh pastries, sandwiches, flatbreads, and charcuterie boards delivered from Olive and Finch every day. (These are still available at The Molecule Effect’s second location on South Logan Street in Washington Park.) There will, however, be upgrades to Molecules’s Kaladi Coffee, wine, and cocktails, according to Landman.

“We’re adding pour over coffees and different origins, and we’re upping our cocktail game,” Landman said.

This will still be accompanied by exhibitions from local artists, rotating every 90 days (as curated by Rodgers). The 2,000 square-foot space will also create room for permanent murals to admire from lounge furniture, a bar, traditional tables and chairs, and outdoor seating.

The increased room will also enable larger events and encourage bigger crowds for staple acts like Rene Moffatt, open mics, and additional performances. There will be 59 seats available for trivia, drag Bingo, and other game nights.

“The plan is to make The Molecule Effect 2.0,” Landman said. “We want to build off of the creativeness of the neighborhood we’ve had for 10 years and blow that up in a lively new location.”

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