Toro Lightweight Foldable 60-Volt 21-Inch Deck Stripe Cordless Electric Battery Self Propelled Walk Behind Lawn Mower with LED Headlights

Price: $519.99
(as of Apr 28, 2024 21:34:29 UTC – Details)

Make your lawn turn heads and be the envy of the neighborhood with the Toro 60-Volt 21-Inch Stripe Self Propel Lawn Mower. Designed to create pro-level lawn striping and with user convenience in mind, you can achieve a beautiful yard without mowing being a chore. The Toro 60-Volt Max Stripe Mower is specifically designed from the ground up to deliver pro-level striping, effortless battery power, and maximum runtime. Cutting up to half of an acre on 1 charge (60 minutes of runtime), this self-propelled push mower can accommodate a variety of yard sizes. The 2-point height level and adjustable speed allow you to easily customize the battery-powered mower to your liking, with max power mode for on-demand power. Mow at dusk or dawn with the help of the high-beam LED headlights, offering anytime convenience. Easily create those great striping patterns typically found on golf courses and sports fields. Striping allows you to keep all the grass at the same height throughout the growing season, so all the blades get enough sun. This stripe mower is lighter than other battery mowers, making it easy to use and maneuver, while the 10-inch rear wheels are ready to take on tough terrain! Mulch your clippings, bag them up, or discharge them to the side with the electric lawn mower’s 3-in-1 versatility. A discharge chute is not included but is available upon mower registration. Revel in the Recycler cutting system which creates clippings fine enough to allow moisture and nutrients back into your lawn so your yard stays as pristine as a golf course. Easily fold, lock, and clean the push-behind mower when the job is complete using the SmartStow design. Get excited when moving day comes! This Toro 60-Volt Striped Battery Push mower is just the ticket to user-friendly convenience and an eye-catching lawn.
Mow Anytime: Self-propelled mower features high-beam LED headlights so you can mow any time of day with up to 60 minutes of runtime; Includes battery and charger
Eye-Catching Stripe: Pro-level striping creates a statement-making, neighbor-envying lawn with 21-inch cutting-width deck; Features quick 2-point height adjustment to keep an even cut
Thoughtful Design: Lighter than other battery-powered mowers; 10-inch high rear wheels give you traction in tough terrain; SmartStow design is easy to fold, lock, clean, and store
User-Friendly: 3-phase brushless electric motor with RunSmart onboard intel; Easy push-button start for user-friendly convenience; Adjustable speed control knob and push-button max power mode let you customize your power
Cutting Versatility: Recycler cutting system produces clippings fine enough to allow moisture and nutrients that create Lawn Vitamins to feed back into your lawn; Mulch, bagging, and side-discharge capable for 3-in-1 versatility (Side discharge not included but available upon registration)