WORX 40V 13″ Cordless String Trimmer & Turbine Leaf Blower Power Share Combo Kit – WG927 (Batteries & Charger Included)

Price: $319.99 - $289.99
(as of Aug 28, 2023 23:03:17 UTC – Details)

This kit includes a 40V Grass Trimmer and 40V Blower, two 20V 2.5Ah Power Share batteries and a 2A dual-slot charger. Twice the battery power of standard cordless blowers with a 3-speed + Turbo shifter. The 430 cfm – 40V TURBINE Blower is a high-performance tool that’ll make clearing your property of leaves and debris easier, and more fun, than ever before. With two 20V batteries combining for 40V worth of increased runtime and performance, this is the leaf blower for larger, more challenging lawns. The brushless motor is more efficient and runs at higher speeds while drawing less battery than motors based on a brush design. That allows for the added functionality of extra gears. 1st blows out 270 cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute) @55 mph for tight corners, 2nd is 320 cfm @65 mph, for when you get out on the open lawn, 3rd is 360 cfm @75 mph (now that’s as much as some of the more powerful blowers on the market), and Turbo tops out at 430 cfm at 90 mph for the toughest tasks. Yet, at only 7.3 lbs with both batteries installed, you can still handle all that power with just one hand. The on-board battery gauge lets you know exactly how much juice you have left in the tank, so you’ll know when you have to head back to swap out or recharge. Get expertly landscaped results with the 40V Power Share 13” Cordless String Trimmer and Wheeled Edger. We’ve included two 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries to extend your runtime and give your trimmer/edger gas-like performance. Not only that, you can use these batteries on any lawn or power tool on the WORX Power Share platform. It’s easy to switch this trimmer into an edger, just push a button and rotate the head. The Command Feed spool system gives you more line whenever you push its button. The variable speed throttle right next to it lets you ramp up the rpms for tougher grass, or decrease the speed to save battery when the trimming is easy. This tool has the same grade line that professional lawn care crews use on their trimmers, so you’ll be proud of the results. The adjustable D-grip handle lets you work from any angle you need to, and the pivoting head lets you cut on uneven stretches of lawn. Comes with a charger, spool, and safety guard, too.
TURBINE FAN TECH The Blower is based on a jet-engine-type design for 430 CFM at 90 MPH
3 SPEEDS plus TURBO Most blowers have two speeds at most. With 3 speeds plus Turbo you have unprecedented control to tackle a wide variety of debris removal applications
SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER Worx Power Share intelligent batteries maximize power, performance and run time and are compatible with all Worx 20V, 40V, and 80V tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
COMMAND FEED The innovative Command Feed spool system on this string trimmer offers instant line feeding at the touch of a button
VARIABLE SPEED THROTTLE Increase the speed on the string trimmer when you run into tougher grass, then dial it back down to increase run time