Worx WG183.9 40V 13″ Cordless String Trimmer (Tool Only)

Price: $108.00
(as of Dec 15, 2023 00:50:15 UTC – Details)

We doubled the batteries for a longer runtime. With the Worx 40V Cordless 13” String Trimmer, you can get more done before you have to make a pit stop in the shed for more batteries or a recharge. And even with those two big batteries powering this trimmer, it’s still ultra-lightweight and easy to use. Only 6.4 lbs. with both batteries installed (4.7 lbs. bare). So almost anyone can help out with the yardwork and easily operate this grass trimmer without getting fatigued. Maybe best of all is that you don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord, or dealing with messy and pricey gasoline. The cutting diameter of this 40V string trimmer is 13 in., which is wide enough to make nice even passes, but still narrow enough to get in-between trees and shrubs. The size is just right. The line diameter is 0.065 in. and the cutting line length is 16 ft. The adjustable auxiliary handle lets you take on sloped parts of the lawn and get at hard-to-reach areas, as well as providing a comfortable work position when on even land. And you can grab that handle by its side and turn this string trimmer into an edger, too. You’ll have the sharpest lawn on the block, because this trimmer is so easy to operate and lightweight, you’ll trim more often. And that extra maneuverability you gain will lead to cleaner-cut edges on the house, deck, and landscaping features. This model is a bare tool only. 20V Power Share batteries and charger are sold separately.
[ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT, STREAMLINED DESIGN] For incredible maneuverability and less user fatigue
[DUAL-EXIT CUTTING HEAD] For greater cutting efficiency
[AUTOMATIC-FEED SPOOL SYSTEM] For effortless line advancement
[SHARE BATTERIES, SAVE MONEY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20V and 40V tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
[ADJUSTABLE AUXILIARY HANDLE] For a comfortable, and customized, user experience